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  • 2512-2020

    What is BIDI optical module?

    Most of the optical modules on the market currently transmit data through two optical fibers. One optical fiber is used to receive data from the network device, and the other optical fiber is used to transmit data to the network device. However, there is a kind of optical module that can realize data transmission with only one optical fiber.

  • 0411-2020

    Integrated wiring knowledge: the difference between LSZH and PVC

    Integrated wiring knowledge: the difference between LSZH and PVC

  • 2608-2020

    Application of AOC in Data Center cabling

    Active optical cables are used in data center wiring racks, switches, and switches and servers to interconnect, so as to achieve mutual communication between machines.

  • 2307-2020

    Introduction to multi-mode fiber jumpers

    OM is translated as optical multi-mode, which means the grade standard of multi-mode fiber. Due to the difference of core diameter, transmission speed and distance, it is divided into OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4.

  • 0106-2020

    Market Research Report of optical transceiver - prediction by 2023

    Optical transceivers are devices used to transmit key information on different communication channels, including Ethernet, in optical communications.

  • 1805-2020

    Why are SFP Optical RJ-45 Transceivers so popular?

    The SFP Optical RJ-45 Transceivers is widely used in the related industries represented by electronic system and automatic control system. The application performance of the product designed, developed and manufactured by modern technology has reached people's expectations.

  • 2104-2020

    The Differences Between OM3 and OM4 Fiber

    Optical Multimode (OM) is a type of optical fiber with a large core diameter that allows multiple modes of light to propagate inside the core.

  • 2503-2020

    Efficient 100G and 400G optical transmission solution for very large-scale data centers

    Global network data center traffic has maintained rapid growth for a decade and has not shown any signs of abating for the foreseeable future.

  • 2702-2020

    What is an electrical interface module?

    electrical port module is also called the optical port to electrical port module. It is a module that supports hot plugging and is packaged in SFP. In addition, since the transmission distance of the electrical interface module is 10-30m or 80-100m, the electrical interface module is mainly used for short-distance data transmission.

  • 0601-2020

    Composition and principle of active optical cable

    What is an active optical cable? What is the structure of the active optical cable? What is the principle of active optical cable? Let ’s take a look together.

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