About Us

Huizhou C-FLINK technology Co.,Ltd. is a rapidly growing telecommunication cable enterprise. We focus on high-speed connection and service for large data transmission. C-FLINK is a technology-based enterprise with DAC cables as the leading part, various AOC cables SAS cables, Transceivers as supporting parts, which integrates independent design, development, production and sales. Our high-speed cables are widely used in ethernet, data center, Cloud computing and other large data transmission and high data computer cluster, smart home and other fields.

  • IT industry visits and exchanges

    On July 6, 2021, relevant people from the IT industry visited our company, and the company leaders had in-depth exchanges and communication with them.

  • Here we go!

    At 20th February,2021, Huizhou C-FLINK Technology Co., Ltd. held a brief commencement ceremony in the reception room of the company, and Mr. Liu distributed a bonus to the employees who returned to the company on time.

  • What is BIDI optical module?

    Most of the optical modules on the market currently transmit data through two optical fibers. One optical fiber is used to receive data from the network device, and the other optical fiber is used to transmit data to the network device. However, there is a kind of optical module that can realize data transmission with only one optical fiber.