SATA cable selection principles and troubleshooting methods


 How to choose the correct SATA cable? What should I do if the SATA cable fails? Today I will tell you about the selection principles and troubleshooting methods of SATA cables.

  SATA cable selection principles

  When selecting a SATA cable, you should generally pay attention to the choice of SATA cable model and specifications (conductor cross section).

  When selecting a SATA cable, it is necessary to consider the use, laying conditions and safety. E.g:

  According to different uses, you can choose power cables, overhead insulated cables, control cables, etc ;

  According to the different laying conditions, you can choose general plastic insulated cables, steel tape armored cables, steel wire armored cables, anti-corrosion cables, etc ;

  According to safety requirements, non-flame-retardant cables, flame-retardant cables, halogen-free flame-retardant cables, and fire-resistant cables can be selected.

SATA cable

  Handling method of SATA cable failure:

  SATA cable failures are very common. Everyone knows this, but no one can avoid them. SATA cable manufacturers 'general line manufacturers' failures are mechanical damage, insulation damage, insulation moisture, and so on. The only thing is to cut off the power, and then look for the place where the fault occurs, and then check the fault, and then repair and repair the power, the relevant electrician is needed.

  Cables are generally insulated to reduce breakdown, mainly due to overload operation. Long-term overload can lead to high cable temperature and reduced insulation performance. Second, electrical construction methods are not in place, and some accidents are caused. Second, the quality of the cable itself is poor. Does not meet the national standards, the quality of such products is very high. There are also some problems in construction, such as poor drainage of industrial trenches, long-term cable blisters, and damage to insulation performance.

  The above is the introduction of SATA cable selection principles and troubleshooting methods. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the SATA cable selection principles and troubleshooting methods.

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