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 AOC fiber transmission scheme is effective

Among the many transmission fiber opticization applications, AOC (Active Optical Cable) is currently used, which is easy to use for AOC technology to convert existing copper cables into optical cables for commercial interfaces such as USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, and HDMI. You can also enjoy the benefits of fiber-optic cables, such as longer transmission distances and higher signal quality. 

In the existing AOC scheme, in order to maintain the electrical specifications of the original transmission wire connector, only the signal bidirectional transmission part uses the photoelectric conversion module to convert the electrical signal into an optical signal transmission, although the technical complexity is not high, but the complexity of the signal conversion. With accuracy, in order to meet the level of electrical signal requirements, the performance requirements for real-time processing are relatively high. 

Especially in the long-distance application, with the existing commercial interfaces such as USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, HDMI, etc., in the transmission connection demand of more than 100 meters, the existing copper cable is inevitably unable to be used directly, and the signal is improved with the repeater. Quality will also increase the transmission cost, and also affect the transmission quality and stability of the interface! If the active optical cable technology is used to integrate the transmission interface, and the optical cable is used for transmission, the transmission signal characteristics of the optical fiber should be used to pull the transmission distance. More than 100 meters in length can easily meet the needs, but also can easily construct low-cost medium-distance transmission applications up to 150 meters. 

AOC mode can extend the transmission distance to more than 150 meters. 

At present, in the development of AOC active optical cable, the application market of HDMI is the most significant in terms of application requirements. At present, related solutions have been launched, and the AOC application schemes of Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 have also been launched. It is based on the medium-distance transmission application of 25 to 150 meters. Even if it is more than 150 meters away, it can be extended with the existing long-distance optical fiber transmission scheme. 

In addition to the external type of transmission interface, such as USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, HDMI actively into the AOC application program, in fact, now the PC industry, the active development of the high-speed transmission interface of the internal device is moving outward, and will make the AOC application program a new one. Technical solution solutions, for example, in advanced in-line high-speed transmission interface applications such as SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and PCIe (PCI Express), and currently actively expand the requirements of extended external applications of related interfaces, facing the development of this market. Trends, using copper applications for data transmission, will inevitably lead to development projects facing EMI, copper power consumption and other product development and verification issues, but if you replace the copper transmission medium with fiber optic cable solutions, you can limit EMI problems to the transmission endpoints. Or improvement in the chassis, for the external connection requirements of the internal interface, the optical fiber wire can avoid external electromagnetic interference and additional design problems, which can make the design goal of the interface externalization easier to implement. 

Audio and video products market is keen on introducing AOC wire scheme 

In AOC transmission cable products, HDMI application is the most popular one. In HDMI 1.4 interface part, AOC solution can extend the transmission distance to more than 150-200 meters. Although the application value of HDMI 1.4 interface can only achieve the advantage of medium/long distance transmission in transmission distance, if it is used to echo UHDTV transmission 4K2K vision. HDMI 2.0 interface technology scheme for picture quality application and AOC cable application scheme with more high-speed transmission margin can highlight the application advantages of UHDTV video cable. 


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