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  • 1012-2019

    Data Center AOC Active Optical Cable Solution

    The active optical cable market research report from CIR shows that its market size is expected to reach $ 1.9 billion in 2017, with a promising future.

  • 0512-2019

    Structure and application of active optical cable

    Active optical cable is a new type of transmission optical cable. It needs external energy during communication to convert electrical signals into optical signals, or communication cables that convert optical signals into electrical signals. The optical transceivers at both ends of the optical cable provide photoelectricity. Conversion and optical transmission functions. The following is the structure and application of active optical cables for everyone, I hope to help everyone.

  • 0312-2019

    Application of MPO/MTP cable jumper in data center

    MPO/MTP cable jumper component products are mainly used in the interconnection of LANs in the different buildings of the enterprise. The optical link interconn

  • 1811-2019

    Direct Attach Cable market to global analysis and forecasting by 2026

    In 2017, the global Direct Attach Cable market is estimated at US$1.18 billion and is expected to reach US$14.4 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 36.71% in the forecast period.

  • 1811-2019

    Application of MPO/MTP Optical Cable in Data Center

    MPO or MTP are commonly used in multi-core optical fiber connectors in the industry. MPO is the abbreviation of Multifiber Push-On/Pull-Off, which means multi-core push-pull self-locking optical fiber connector, invented by USconec.

  • 0511-2019

    Big Data Industry will Promote the Explosive Growth of DAC Cable

    Innovative network technology and endless network applications promote the rapid development of the network. As a data center for data exchange and processing and network equipment storage, it has been facing challenges of high bandwidth, high reliability and low latency. According to the IDC industry development research report, by 2011, the global IDC market has maintained a steady growth trend.

  • 0511-2019

    AOC Transport Solution for Greater Benefits

    Among the many transmission fiber opticization applications, AOC (Active Optical Cable) is currently used, which is easy to use for AOC technology to convert existing copper cables into optical cables for commercial interfaces such as USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, and HDMI.

  • 2810-2019

    Equinix ECX Fabric Connects 37 Data Center Markets Worldwide

    Customers can use this ECX Fabric as a connection to the Equinix International Service Exchange IBX data center or as a complementary to existing MPLS or Ethernet.

  • 2810-2019

    Overview of the Development of Cloud Computing in China

    Cloud computing is a concentrated expression of information technology development and service model innovation. It is a major change and inevitable trend of informatization development.

  • 2210-2019

    What is the difference between DAC and AOC

    Active Optical Cables (AOC) and Direct Attach Cables (DAC) are a alteration of optical transceiver, they are used to connect switches with one another when creating a stack or switches to routers or servers.

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